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New Features Debugger: Tons of new features, UI improvements, performance improvements and bug fixes. HD Packs: New features, performance improvements and bug fixes. FDS: Improved compatibility of the automatic disk insertion feature. UI: Added a few minor options and increased the number of savestate slots to Bug Fixes Input: Changed input polling timing to reduce input lag by 1 frame.

Linux: Improved SDL error handling to prevent crashes. Accuracy: Fixed a mirroring issue with mapper 30 games. New Features Input: Added support for 20 more peripherals including controllers, barcode readers, keyboards, mice, external storage devices, etc. Video: Added a Debugger: A large number of small bugs and usability issues have been fixed. UI: Added a link to the new online documentation site in the Help menu.

Debugger: Fixed some minor bugs. Linux: Fixed some crashes and layout fixes. Dendy: Fixed regression bug with intensify color and grayscale bits emulation. New Features UI: Added an initial setup dialog for new users. UI: Ability to configure paths and portable mode in preferences. HD Packs: New features, bug fixes and audio replacement support. Input: Added support for the Famicom's second controller's microphone. Debugger: Added Lua scripting. Debugger: Assembler now has syntax highlighting.

Debugger: Added several new features and options Step Back, configure input, etc. Video: Added option to automatically re-enable sprite limit to reduce graphical glitches caused by the "remove sprite limit" option. Bug Fixes Overclocking: Bug fixes and improved compatibility. Cheats: Fixed issue with 8-character Game Genie codes. FDS: Fixed a crash, an issue with automatic disk insertion and improved emulation compatibility. New Features Rewind: Added a rewind functionality with reverse video and audio playback up to several hours worth of gameplay can be rewinded.

UI: Added game selection screen Compatibility: Added support for mappers 29, 30, , and FDS: Added option to automatically switch disks. Video: Improvements to video scale management and corrected aspect ratio presets. Misc: Added a few other small features Frame counter, game timer, 96kHz audio, etc. Overclocking: Improved compatibility with some games.

Debugger: Fixed a number of bugs and crashes. Misc: Several other bug fixes. Audio: Added a customizable equalizer. MMC5: Improved emulation accuracy.

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Emulation: Fixed problem that caused in-game crashes in the "Legend of Link" romhack. Misc: Several small bug fixes. Debugger: Added several new features Hex editor, TBL file support, code editor, graphic editor, and a lot more , improved performance and fixed some bugs.

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Games: Headerless roms can now be loaded if they are found in the built-in game database. Emulation: Improved accuracy of sprite overflow bug emulation.

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New Features Video: Added new custom aspect ratio option. Startup: Fixed crash that occurred when the path contained non-ascii characters bug introduced in 0. Linux: Fixed an issue with the "only allow one instance of Mesen" option. This is still a work in progress and may contain bugs and crashes. Misc: Fixed issues with DirectInput controllers and the debugger.

Overclocking: Fixed issues when using overclocking in games that use the DMC channel. New Features Debugger: Tons of new features and improvements including labels and comments, a profiler, more options in the PPU viewer, etc. Audio: Greatly reduced sound latency. Audio: Added an option to reduce the popping sounds produced by the DMC channel in some games. Audio: Added channel panning options. I tried VOX, it completely sucks! You have to either sign up, or pay for services just to get your library into it. Its a completely backwards move forcing users to submit to their ways.

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Its a shame as the software looked so promising, but it looks like they have just recently done this after getting lots of users onboard and used to their product, then they push out an update and make them pay Its a really shitty move That's unfortunate I have been using it for months now and I really like it. I have a lot of CDs, first cuts from jazz recordings that, in several cases, are pretty rare.

ITunes wants for force me into buying, frankly, from their usually inferior selections. I do not care about social media, I do not care what some teenybopper thinks is popular, I think ratings are stupid and adolescent. I know wht I like and that's what I want to hear. I just want to play back those recordings without iTunes wanting to "fix," "rearrange," or otherwise do my musical thinking for me.

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Already last year after an Itunes update the whole library was gone. After reassembling most of it it became scrambled and mixed up.

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Today it wouldn't random correctly and many songs on albums are missing and albums split into many same albums with a part of the songs. I have no idea how that happened as I not update anymore. Itunes just sucks and I am afraid there is no alternative.

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VOX is just not right, no correct display and quite basic. Not know what to do. Great to find alternatives to iTunes, however a sad state of affairs that few tell you before downloading that old "problem" that it's not compatible with anything before V I cam to your article because I was using iTunes and it kept trying to connect to the iTunes store, but my computer is not online so it couldn't do it.

So then it left me with a message that it couldn't connect to iTunes store and then stopped working. It simply sat there and wouldn't respond to any buttons at all. It was never a great program, now it is just unusable. My 2 playlists have simply lost a couple albums. I have NO idea where they went.

http://ipdwew0030atl2.public.registeredsite.com/238838-smartphone-messenger-locate.php But I see them If I dig deep enough into that cumbersome interface. Over the past couple of days As of a few minutes ago songs 14 thru 91 are gone. What's happening?

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And select Play Tape after selecting load in the game. First install WinAmp make sure to choose the Classic skin , then install Chipamp. This mechanism can be disabled by unchecking Restore position. Press Connect to enter Client Mode. To load such a VS. Upon opening that file, Nintaco will automatically attach the U-Force. Then press 2P Select followed by 4P Select.

I also keep podcasts and movies in iTunes. Are the any alternatives that will handle everything? Apple's software is often criticized because of its difficulty of use, lack of some interesting functions, or the time it takes to perform the actions that are requested. It is by this that in this article UFUShare bring you the top 3 best alternatives to iTunes , so you can choose the best program according to the needs and how you use it.

I've just about given up on iTunes. I'm on a hour Zurich-to-Los Angeles flight, and I can't play any of my music on my iPad now, and very little on my iPhone. Or lose all my passwords in the chain. Then I didn't start iTunes while connected to the Internet so that Apple could "authenticate" my ownership of the music.

Mind you, this for about songs ripped from my own CDs, and or so purchased from Apple. Who knows what the problem is on the iPhone. I did think to play a few bars of one of my songs while connected. But now my playlists seem to ONLY have the purchased songs available. The songs ripped from my CDs are not there! Yikes, that sounds frustrating. Sorry to hear, Allen! So if you've given up on iTunes, which alternative have you switched to? Or have you switched at all?