Paste table into mac mail

I tried unchecking both boxes in the address mentioned, but the problem, yet remains.

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The table goes scattered after I try to paste it in Mac Pages. So I tried to copy a few lines of words with the table to paste and it worked. I hope it does for you too.

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I just updated Office: Distortum Distortum 1 3 4. Go to: Now try copy-paste of a table. It works.

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Pari Pari 31 2. It should be called stupid cut and paste. Neither of these tips worked for me. You can include any fonts, any images from iphoto, you can put frames, boxes, backgrounds etc.

Finally, support for tables in Gmail

You can set a custom size you want your slide to be in the inspector. Your pdf version of keynote will appear in mail! This will send what you made in keynote.

It Works Everywhere Except…

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To make it easier for the person to reply you may wish to include some text after the pdf in the email that summarises the email. You could even copy the text from keynote and paste it in the email after the pdf.

Learn the Proper Way to Use Tables and Lists in Mac OS X Mail

The more traditional way to do this is to do it via html. Perhaps the simplest way on a Mac is to create a single webpage in iWeb another App , publish it, then insert it into an email. To do this you:. The page will be inserted into your email.

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You need to keep the webpage published, because the images are not included in the email, only a link to the pictures is included. I created a website using web page template and published it.

It looks great. Then I wanted to share one page by email. Do you know why? Do you know how to make sure that the content shows in all devices? I made a old school webpage, inline css, table, html 4, css2, with a body-background Cmd-I in Safari 8.

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Do you know how come?