How to indent second line in word 2011 mac

Select the text you want to adjust. The Paragraph dialog box opens. The Paragraph dialog box options are described in the following section.

Paragraph dialog box options Choose from these options in the Paragraph dialog box. Indentation Left Moves in the left side of the paragraph by the amount you choose. Right Moves in the right side of the paragraph by the amount you choose.

Special Select First line to indent the first line of a paragraph, and then specify the size of the indent in By. Automatically adjust When you select Automatically adjust right indent when document grid is defined , the right indent is automatically adjusted for the paragraph when a document grid is defined.

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After Adjusts the amount of space after a paragraph. Select Double to double-space text. Snap to Select Snap to grid when document grid is defined to more easily align text with the document grid. Select the paragraphs that you want to indent. Under Indentation , do any of the following: Hanging indent On the Special pop-up menu, click Hanging. Negative indent In the Left or Right box, enter a negative number, and then on the Special pop-up menu, click Hanging. Expand your Office skills. Get new features first.

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Yes No. Any other feedback? How can we improve it? Send No thanks. Print Tweet Share on Facebook Was this helpful? Comments Thank you so much! This was driving me bananas! I checked out 3 other sites to find this info! Thank you for making it so simple. I felt embarrassed to ask in class because I felt like I was the only one who didn't know how to do it! I also send thanks. I looked at many other sets of directions without success. You made it so easy! Thanks, was trying all types of things to get it to look like this.

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Thank you sooooo much!!! You have no idea how helpful this was. I was getting SO cranky. You are my hero. Made my life times more easier: Excellent job! When I highlight the 2nd line and do paragraph , indent, hanging for some reason it is indenting several lines not just the second line that I am highlighting! Please help, what am I doing wrong? Hi-Don't highlight the second line; just put your cursor in front of it, before the text. Right click and select paragraph in the drop down menu. From there, you will see a box labelled Special. Select Hanging from the drop down menu.

Hope that helps! This was a life-saver. Apple Mac sure keeps this information nicely hidden. Dear lord Could've saved myself a semester of rage if I had only found you sooner. Thank you. That was so simple! Thank you!!!! Thank you so much!! I had no idea it was that easy to do! The instructions COM Librarian found online state to highlight the text, access the paragraph menu using the Format menu at the top of the screen, select Indents and Spacing, click Special, select Hanging, make sure the indentation is.

Just want to be sure our bases are covered. Thanks so much I forget how to do this every other paper now I have this saved to my toolbar to grab for a quick memory refresher.

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Why the hell is it hidden like that? Hey thanks haha. Yayyyy thank you SO much!! I had gone into rage mode, wish I had found this sooner, haha! Thanks again!!!!!!!!!! Was lost. Thank you a ton! That was very very helpful. We didn't even bring this up in class. Computer literacy made easy!!! Thanks for the info!!

Very helpful! I was having a heck of time trying to figure this out. Now I know and knowing is half the battle I have been looking at my paper for an hr It will automatically format with the hanging indent! I was looking all over for this: Thank You!!! This was making me crazy! Thanks a lot!!!! Thank you SO much! This was extremely helpful: I've been trying to figure this out for months lol. Presto, you are indented.

Notice your ruler has two triangle and one rectangle. Learn to play with those three bar. Edit by COM Librarian: This is certainly another option. If you can't see the ruler above your document: Select the View tab 2.

How to Create a Hanging Indent in Word on Mac and PC

In the Show area, put a check mark next to the ruler option. You will drag the bottom triangle and the little rectangle underneath it. So you don't have to do that repeatedly on each new source, start your bibliography on a new page. Then after step 5, above, click "set as default" to automatically format the rest of your citations with a hanging indent!

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I had to roam the web a while before finding this! Why can't teachers make it this easy?

Adjust indents and spacing in Word

Hi zdgsfi It sounds to me like the other citations you tried to format were probably copied and pasted into your Word document, and it probably brought over some formatting with it. You can click the paragraph symbol in the Paragraph section in the Ribbon to reveal formatting.

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Fixed in seconds. What am I doing wrong? Choose the middle one, called merge formatting. Finally a simple, straightforward answer: This was extremely helpful: I'm guessing that you want to maintain the indent for subsequent new lines until a blank line is entered and then the indent reverts back to the margin.

In , it's the symbol on the top right of that area. Remove any unwanted breaks.

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You can also try re-pasting, and choose to merge formatting or keep the text only, and one of those options should eliminate that formatting. If you keep the text only, be sure to change the font, add back any italics, etc. That really help. Bless you. I'm on a Mac and using Google Chrome. There is no "Special" drop down in the paragraph formatting box.